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Training Offered

Industrial Control & Automation Training

AGIIT Provide PLC training in Chennai and best PLC training in Chennai, Good industrial automation Training Service. AGIIT provides valuable training in PLC , SCADA ,ROBOTICS, DCS, HMI ,VFD, GSM PLC ,SERVO,IMCC, FIELD BUS PROTOCOLS& FIELD INSTRUMENTS. Read more

Industrial Process Automation Training

AGIIT is the Best PLC Training in Chennai and Best PLC training Center in Chennai, For this reason most manufacturing companies we providing best Placement for After Completion Of PLC Training in Chennai, Advanced industrial automation Training in Chennai. AGIIT provides valuable training in PLC, DCS, SCADA, HMI, VFD, SERVO, IMCC, Field Bus Protocol & Field Instruments. Read more

Industrial Robotics Training

AGIIT are the first Time in India, Industrial Robotic Training in India. Best industrial robotics training in Chennai and Best Robotics Course in Chennai, and industrial robotics training in Chennai, AGIIT is the Best Industrial Robotics Training in Chennai, will train students to have the process expertise and knowledge to apply highly advanced robotic technology in innovative ways to solve customer's toughest automation challenges. Read more

PG Diploma & Master Diploma Training

The Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Industrial Process Automation targeted towards grooming students in the area of process automation. The full-time program will help prepare a graduate having a previous technical degree or diploma, for engineering work in the industrial automation sector. Read more