plc training in chennai


PG Diploma & Master Diploma Training

The Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Industrial Process Automation targeted towards grooming students in the area of process automation. The full-time program will help prepare a graduate having a previous technical degree or diploma, for engineering work in the industrial automation sector.

The program offers key practical courses similar to those found in our highly successful Robotics & Automation Technology program. Graduates are prepared for an exciting career in the area of industrial automation using robotics and PLCs, including equipment specification, design, installation and troubleshooting.

Master Diploma -Training Programme's

Master Diploma Module involve specialized Training in a field of research or an area of professional practice. Taking a Master Diploma in Industrial automation it will be Useful employ a broad spectrum of technologies, which when integrated give for improved efficiency, quality and reliability.

Our Training meet the exacting demands of the oil and gas, Process, manufacturing and downstream processing industries, modern plants are equipped with systems and devices which are needed to measure and regulate variables such as temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, liquid level, velocity and density. Industrial Automation provides the technology to control and monitor a process plant using such concepts as feedback, cascade, feed forward and advanced process control.